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Metadata Glossary

Indicator NameAdjusted savings: education expenditure (% of GNI)
Long definitionEducation expenditure refers to the current operating expenditures in education, including wages and salaries and excluding capital investments in buildings and equipment.
SourceUNESCO; data are extrapolated to the most recent year available
TopicEconomic Policy & Debt: National accounts: Adjusted savings & income
Aggregation methodWeighted average
Limitations and exceptionsPublic education expenditures are considered an addition to savings. However, because of the wide variability in the effectiveness of public education expenditures, these figures cannot be construed as the value of investments in human capital. A current expenditure of $1 on education does not necessarily yield $1 of human capital. The calculation should also consider private education expenditure, but data are not available for a large number of countries.
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License TypeCC BY-4.0